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Teacup Piglets For Sale

Spotty and black litter born 7th Nov 2014


Some of our little piglets are available for 30% of their usual price to make sure that they get to their new families before x-mas.

Look at our teacup piglets for sale page for details.

Photo on left: Crystal and Sam's babies born 7th Nov are ready for their new families. Their little suitcases are packed!

Books For Sale

The Teacup Pig Series
Do you know about a pig's 'attack button' or 'sleep button'? Or that a male can use chemical warfare like a skunk, if his life is threatened? Or what causes pigs to become abnormally aggressive? Or that babies can make babies at 12 weeks old? Or that pigs don't mark their territory with urine as dogs do? Or. more...


Are you looking for a pet pig that will stay the size of a teacup (or any other crockery that you fancy)? Good! Then you've come to the right place because you need to hear that such pigs don't exist! Not even the pixies on table mountain have any!

The truth is that the photos that we saw on our computer screens of spotted piggies next to teacups were day-old babies bred by Pennywell Farm in England. They describe their adult pigs as Springer Spaniel size (labrador size).

Piglets, like all other baby mammals, change dramatically in size and looks by the time that they are adults Ė even if they are dwarfs.

Adult human dwarfs donít look like babies! Their bodies are tiny compared to normal sized humans, but they are huge compared to babies. more...

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