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The Teacup Pig Series
Do you know about a pig's 'attack button' or 'sleep button'? Or that a male can use chemical warfare like a skunk, if his life is threatened? Or what causes pigs to become abnormally aggressive? Or that babies can make babies at 12 weeks old? Or that pigs don't mark their territory with urine as dogs do? Or....well the books are just full of amazing things about them that you wouldn't have even thought about! Thereís also everything Iíve learnt about them as pets, and in the wild, for nearly twenty years.

The Teacup Pig series, in six parts, is a complete illustrated guide for owners and breeders of pet pigs, and is illustrated with so many beautiful colour photos that it's almost a comic book! People not intending to get a pet pig will still love looking at all the photos! (People intending to get a piglet might change their minds after seeing the cover photo of book 4, which is the stuff of nightmares!)

Everything about miniature pet pigs is explained, including what 'teacup', 'tea cup' (south african spelling!) 'micro', 'nano', 'pocket', 'mini', 'potbelly' or 'potbellied' pigs are; their size; what they are like in the wild and as pets; where to find honest breeders and avoid fraudsters; how to choose and rear piglets; how to introduce them to other pets and teach toilet manners; what their needs are to be happy; causes and remedies of behavioural problems; understanding pig 'language'; communicating and training; food and health; and breeding these little pigs.

Here's a description of each book.

The e-books are available directly from us, so please contact us for details. They are R140 for the 6 but come for free with our piglets.


The Teacup Pig Series

Book 1: In The Home And In The Wild


Book 2: Getting a Teacup Piglet


Book 3: Pig Talk


Book 4: Aggression


Book 5: Food & Health


Book 6: Breeding


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